Chronological List of Women’s Bands and Orchestras


1862                 Carter Zouave Troupe -brass band  - girls 10 to 14 yrs.  Location unknown

1868                 Orton Bros. Ladies Silver Cornet Band

1881                 Andrews, IN - Ladies Cornet Band

                        Albany, NY - Ladies Band

1884                 Ladies Brass Band - Jno. Robinson’s Big Show Combined

1888                 Audubon (IA) Ladies Band -120 piece band

1890                 Clymer Ladies Band on Welsh Bros. Circus

                        Phillipsburg (KS) Girls Band

1898                 Helen May Butler forms her first band - Providence, RI.

1910                 Navassar Ladies Band - Mrs. August Dial, Dir.

1914                 Barnum & Bailey Shows - Ladies Parade Band

                        Barberton (OH) Ladies Band

1917                 Cora Corson Ladies Band

1920’s              Conn Ladies Band - Elkhart, IN

                        Women’s Symphony of Mason City, Iowa

1925                 Long Beach (CA) Women’s Symphony Orchestra

1930’s              Orchestrette Classique NY, NY  Concerts given in the Aeolian Hall, NYC.

1936                 Earl Held’s All-Girl Band - Easton, PA

1940’s              US Marine Corps Women’s Reserve Band

                        Women’s Army Air Corps Bands (2) - WAAC Band

                        Wave Drum & Bugle Corps - US Navy

                        SPAR Bands (2) - US Coast Guard

1947                 Chicago Women’s Symphony Concert Band - Lillian Poenisch, Dir.

1951                 US Women in the Air Force Band - Capt. Marybelle J. Nissly, Dir.


Boston Fadettes Orchestra (      )  Located in Boston and played at Keith Theaters.              Caroline B. Nichols, conductor.

Phil Spitalny All Girl Orchestra in 1930’s and 1940’s.

Lafayette Ladies Orchestra - all African-American women

Gloria Trumpeters

The Peerless Trumpeters


Senff’s Ladies Military Band  ca. 1890’s.


Albany, Oregon Ladies Band

Andrew’s Ladies Cornet Band - ca. 1881 Indiana

Barberton Ladies Band - Ohio organized in 1914

Beaver Springs, Pennsylvania org. July 1918, still in existence in 1935

Boston Ladies Military Band 1890’s

Clymer Ladies Band 1890’s, featured on Welsh Bros. Circus (CWM)

Earl Held’s All Girl Band

The Milwaukee Girl’s Civic Band 1930’s

Myosotis Band ca. 1900, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ladies Band from Adam, Oklahoma 1901

Penn-Jersey All Girl Band

Mme. Bell’s Challenge Band from Clesoning, MI (CWM)